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VetScan Rewards is a complimentary customer appreciation and rewards program from Abaxis offered exclusively to all VetScan customers!

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Redeem points to get gift cards and other great rewards from Abaxis

Gift Cards

VetScan Rewards

When you sign up for Abaxis' rewards program, your purchases of VetScan consumable products will count toward your VetScan Rewards balance.

Program Overview:

  • Earn points for all purchases of VetScan consumable products
  • You can redeem your points for $25 gift cards
  • Use your redemption to increase clinic morale or reward an outstanding team player
  • No gimmicks - Sign up, and start earning points from the month in which you sign up for the program

How It Works

You will be notified each time your balance reaches 5,000 points, which qualifies you to receive your choice of one of ten $25 gift cards, Abaxis or Abaxis University sweatshirts, messenger bags, and backpacks compliments of Abaxis.

All purchases toward rewards points begin counting for the month in which you sign up for the VetScan Rewards program.

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